Freitag, 05.10.18

THOMAS GODOJ – Support: Like Snow

THOMAS GODOJ  – Support: Like Snow

Thomas Godoj

2018 erscheint "13 Pfeile" - das siebte Studioalbum von Thomas Godoj.Mit den Songs des Albums und einem brandneuem Live-Programm geht's ab Oktober auf Tour durch die größten Städte Deutschlands.

Like Snow

The five members of Like Snow are a band of true romantics. They play wishful soundtracks, telling the stories of adventure and giving the enthusiastic feeling of starting something new. Their stories are epic but also instantaneous and intimate, told between major life questions and steady optimism. This passionate ideal of freedom and emotion was brought to life on their debut album "Beauty & Fear". These 12 tracks go from driving folk songs to the emotional pop ballad that lets you dive deep into the theater of your infinite thoughts. It is a mix of the uplifting mood found in the music of the late sixties and early nineties, blended with the fresh contemporary appeal of pop and folk elements. This new blend creates a musical fusion setting free whatever wild romance is slumbering in us.