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THE SIGN FEST mit: Night, Märvel, Hypnos, Lucifer Star Machine & Hot Breath

22. 05. 2020 | Einlass: 19:30 | Beginn: 20:30 | Vorverkauf: 21,80 € | Abendkasse: 23,00 €

Ticket kaufen Einlass: 19:30
Beginn: 20:30
Vorverkauf: 21,80 €
Abendkasse: 23,00 €


Night should be spelled R.O.C.K. The Swedish band that started out as a Judas Priest and Saxon worshiping band with their first release in 2012 has now transformed into a timeless and classic rock act with loads of proto-metal influences. With their last album 'Raft of the World' (2017) the band got hails from most part of the rock scene. Now the band is back with a two-track 7" released in the spring of 2020.


There will be high energy Scandinavian rock delivered by the Swedish Power trio Märvel. The band has released eight albums and a handful of EP´s and singles. Finally, the band returns to Germany for a handful of gigs. Märvel has been around since 2002 and is one of the best live shows you can get from Sweden these days. You will never forget a Märvel show, its that good!

HYPNOS Through the time and universe of rock-history, there have been a few words interlocking the important events. Words as Loud, Groovy, Electrifying and Over the top - words that also could describe Swedens Hypnos. A band that holds the capacity to unite an audience of headbangers, stoners, retro-kids and old farts. Wherever you find Hypnos you will find awesome rock music. LUCIFER STAR MACHINE Lucifer Star Machine play hard-hitting, heavy Rock'n'Roll influenced by Punk and Classic Rock. Their high energy live shows cement their reputation as a true in-your-face Hardcore Rock 'n' Roll act. But it is the segueing of this wanton brutality with their sense for heartfelt and catchy melodies that makes them truly stand out. HOT BREATH That fresh minty taste won’t keep this HOT BREATH away. With a pounding heart for that raw 60´s Detroit energy and the dirty streets of late 70's London, HOT BREATH is rushing with adrenaline and pure teenage lust. This hard beating four-piece from Gothenburg (Sweden) will run face-first through your bedroom door. “Wake up punk! It's time to shine!”.


22. Mai 2020




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