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The Good The Bad and The Zugly has received a lot of attention since their debut in 2011.The band consist of good old-fashioned punk rockers, and they are fronted by one of Norway's most charismatic vocalists; Ivar Nikolaisen.
The Good The Bad and The Zugly released their highly acclaimed third studio-album “Misanthropical House” on January 26th 2018. They recived the norwegian grammy for this album.
“Misanthropical House is a very emotional album. It reflects the Norwegian way of life and hodge-podge of values we share, most often taking the form of complaining and whining. The Good The Bad and The Zugly want whining back in punk!”
– The Good The Bad and The Zugly
The Good The Bad and The Zugly delivers dirty and catchy quality punk with references to early Turbonegro and Poison Idea and. The band is known for their intense and explosive live shows that are a must-see and will leave you begging for more.
In January 2020 The Good The Bad and The Zugly are releasing their fourth studio album.


The short version (the only thing you need to read):
The pandemic meant that we in The Dogs had to record our ninth studio album in the rehearsal room. Like all bands that release a record, we think it's our best album to date.
The long version (only for those with a particular interest):
The plan, back in January when we released "Crossmaker", was that we would take all the money we earned on the club tour and festival summer and put it into the next album. For the first time in all these years, we believed that we would have enough money to be able to really sort of absolutely give it both barrels. We contacted the Swede “Chips K” who has produced Hellacopters, Nomads, and generally everything that sounds perfect and started sending demos across the border to Sweden. He was 100% on board and studios were booked in Stockholm and Gothenburg for April. Everything was great. Then came March. Covid 19 (hereafter, for the sake of readability, referred to as «pink dildo») slammed all those plans emphatically in the shitter. Not only did we not get any money or merch income from the big cities on the tour list like Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim since all of the gigs were canceled, but the golden goose itself, the festival summer, went up in smoke as well. In other words, we did not have a Dieter Bolan-size bathtub full of cash to Scrooge McDuck in.
And things quickly got a lot worse, obviously. The border was closed and Chips got the pink dildo. Nevertheless, the deadlines from the authorities remained tight and when things started to open up a bit, we elected to cling on to hope. There was no reason not to continue to develop the demos over mail with Chips (hereafter referred to as "our saviour Jesus Christ, son of a carpenter"). Eventually, there were 18 demos and our saviour Jesus Christ, son of a carpenter was involved throughout, but the arse-fucking, bastard pink dildo did not want to call it quits, so the months flew by and all of a sudden it was October and we had no album for 2021. Thank God the other members of the band were not as happy to give up as I was, so they threw together a temporary setup in the rehearsal room (hereafter referred to as "The Colon") and pulled in Anders Nordengen (hereafter referred to as "Times New Roman 12"), who may very well be the the most kickass sound engineer working today, to come up with a solution that would work in The Colon. Our saviour Jesus Christ, son of a carpenter was informed that we had postponed the program in Sweden until pink dildo was over and was asked to choose songs for the 2022 album from the 18 demos we had worked on. Amusingly enough, he chose NOT to include 6 of our favorites. Perfect! In that case, Times New Roman 12 could get our favorites plus 4 more. The result was, from our perspective at least, extremely surprising. The conclusion was obvious: bands don't need studios anymore! Pay through the nose for a stupidly expensive room with fartbox air, when we’re all already paying rent on a cheaper variant ourselves (aka The Colon)? Should there be a referendum on the topic, there will be a "no" in the ballot box from us, at least.
We sound infinitely fresher and harder in The Colon than we have done for years. Maybe it’s the pink dildo that did it - perhaps the isolation and wailing in the home office found its natural outlet down there? Maybe it's Times New Roman 12's fresh ears and instincts? Or maybe we've just gotten better at making songs? It could be all three. Regardless, it’s a new record. And, dear critic (hereafter referred to as "someone who suffers an eating disorder "), I know you want to read a lot about the pink dildo into the cover, album title and lyrics. Well, fuck that. You could find 100 references at random. Just like you could find 100 reasons you became someone who suffers an eating disorder.
And to those serious, investigative culture journalists, to the industry comment-fields of Facebook, to the opinionated observers and all that “cool” stuff; we received support money from the Norwegian state! About 500,000 kroner. Now you don’t have to look up the numbers. Thank God it came in so late that we’d already booked Times New Roman 12 in The Colon. Now we’ll almost be able to afford to go to the studio with our saviour Jesus Christ, son of a carpenter in 2022 when the time comes.
I would have liked to have written more for you, but I have to take a shit.