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Resolve, as the name suggests, is an unstoppable entity. Fronted by
vocalist/songwriter Anthony Diliberto and completed by guitarist Antonin Carré and
brothers Nathan and Robin Mariat, respectfully drummer and bassist, the quartet has
never stopped even for a moment since their start in 2017. This work ethic has
helped ciment the band into one of France’s most popular export of the decade.
Their sophomore album Human, released in the fall of 2023, is a journey of
self-acceptance, both on a personal level and on a larger scale, a depiction of how
we as a species are changing what it means to be human. It is as varied as it is
visceral, showing off the bands attention to detail as much as their ear for an
addictive chorus.
Ever since their debut album release, 2021’s acclaimed Between Me and The
Machine, the four frenchmen have been touring relentlessly. The live experience is
the final piece to Resolve’s puzzle: a human celebration, spontaneous and honest,
executed with a machine-like precision.