Donnerstag, 22.12.22




Hello everyone!
It’s with heavy heart we have to inform you that unfortunately the ”Christmas Carol Tour” is cancelled.
The main reason for this is because of Tommy’s touring schedule with Sabaton.
New dates have been added recently and there’s no way around this.

”I can’t express how sorry I am for this. I was really looking forward the tour, to play my favourite music ’Christmas Metal’ on the road and to meet all you lovley Majestica supporters and awesome people in Europe.
I’m always trying my best to work with both Sabaton and Majestica at the same time, but reacently there have been new dates added to the Sabaton schedule that makes it impossible for me to take part of the tour.
And for this I am very sorry.
I can’t express how sad I am about this”

But not only because of this.
Since Covid-19 there has been very hard to find crew members to tour with, available tour buses, renting of equipment and for us to make this possible it has been more expensive than we were expecting and almost impossible economicly to go through for a band in our size.
We wouldn’t have stopped to try to make it happen somehow of course, but now since we can’t tour as a whole band we can’t go through with the tour.

Tickets will of course be refunded.
The Majestica-story and the joy of Christmas spirit that we have shared with you all is far from over and you haven’t heard the last of us when it comes to Christmas.

Thanks for being the best fans and Majestica supporters in the world!
And again - we are so sorry we had to bring you these bad news.