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18. 06. 2018 | Einlass: 19:30 | Beginn: 20:30 | Vorverkauf: 28,50 € inkl. Gebühren | Abendkasse: 30,- €

Ticket kaufen Einlass: 19:30
Beginn: 20:30
Vorverkauf: 28,50 € inkl. Gebühren
Abendkasse: 30,- €


Coven, the founders of occult rock are coming to Germany with the legendary and mysterious ultimate Priestess Jinx Dawson in charge…The band that since the end of the 1960’s has inspired generations of bands, come for an exclusive occult gathering… these will be the bands first shows in Germany EVER! Only few women are as essential and enigmatic for the world of rock as High Priestess of Occult, Jinx Dawson – forming the almighty Coven in the late 1960s – creating so the bedrock for a real iconography, the significant landmark for the establishment of the foundation of “how to” and “when” the occult were introduced into music. Jinx Dawson is the idol, role model, paragon and the “reason to be” for many great names out there, as Black Sabbath, Black Widow, King Diamond and many more. The major parts of today’s “Satanic bands” (like Behemoth, Deicide, Venom) have taken inspiration from Coven. Furthermore, not known by many is the fact that Jinx Dawson was the first ever to use the “sign of the horns” on stage, starting in early 1968. 2013 saw the return of Coven to the forefront of the music world with the release of Jinx, the first new album of music in almost twenty years. A collection of rock, pop, psychedelic, and metal anthems with contributions from Chicago metal/industrial supergroup Wolfpack 44 and avant-garde Indianapolis stalwarts We Are Hex, as well as a number of unreleased Coven hymns given a re-work in the studio, the Jinx album proved that the test of time had not faded Coven’s luster one bit and served to reassert enigmatic frontwoman Jinx Dawson’s dominance as THE occult rock Queen, a standard she had set decades earlier with the 1969 release of the now-fabled Coven classic Witchcraft: Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls. Walpurgis of 2016 saw Coven release the two song EP “Light The Fire” which only served to whet the whistle of rabid fans worldwide, and was planned as merely a teaser until a new fulllength Coven album could be recorded. Pre-production has begun, although no timetable for said release has been established. Jinx Dawson, High Priestess Magus and lead singer of The Coven announces her pleasure that the band are back, “We look forward to working together in Magick and Musick… And we are wickedly excited to perform for our cherished friends at future concerts!”

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18. Juni 2018


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