Di., 31.10.2017 

Einlass: 20:00 | Beginn: 20:30 | AK: 13.00 EUR | VVK: 12.00 EUR Vorverkauf
TATRAN (formed 2011, Israel) are an eclectic instrumental trio, with musical influences that range from modern jazz, rock, classical music, avant-garde, post-rock, experimental and electronic combining to produce an ecstatic musical experience. Tatran’s uncanny melodies, state of the art virtuosic playing and vivid sound, alongside their innovative relentless improvisations and their deep, near psychic on-stage communication, make them a mesmerizing live act.

Continuing upon their unique musical journey, the innovative instrumental trio TATRAN who gained extraordinary success, a big loyal international following and considered by many as a phenomenon, now presents their third album - 'No Sides'. Combining their virtuosic playing and vivid edgy sound with the relentless improvisations and their deep, psychic on-stage communication; 'No Sides' is a testament to the ecstatic forward-thinking musical experience of TATRAN and a direct powerful statement from the group. A documentary window to their souls, being exposed, pretentious-free, fully dedicated, connected to the present, and to their current spiritual and emotional state.